OluTimehin Kukoyi’s Talks Portfolio

  •                                                                   2021
  • AirBnB AirPride: A Conversation with OluTimehin (Virtual Fireside Chat)
  • Netflix Leadership Summit: “Who’s Watching? Everyone.” (Virtual Keynote)
  • The Africa Center: “Oya’s Daughters: Connecting Black African Feminisms Around the World” (Virtual Panel)
  •                                                                   2020
  • hFactor/Heinrich Böll Stiftung: “Dispossess: Evictions for Development?” (Panel, Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Heinrich Boll Foundation: “reGain Space – the future is now!” (Virtual Panel)
  • Adventures Live! Festival: “Raising Children without Sexual Shame” (Virtual Panel)
  • Pa Gya! A Literary Festival: “The Art of the Erotic” (Virtual Panel)
  •                                                                   2019
  • PMI Global Conference: “We Belong in the City” (Mainstage Talk, Philadelphia, USA)
  • We Make The City Festival: “What Makes a Liveable City?” (Keynote, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Women Deliver Conference: “The Power of Storytelling” (Mainstage Talk, Vancouver, Canada)
  • The MATCH Fund, Prospera and The Oak Foundation: “Feminist Frontlines: Strategies for Resistance and Change” (Panel, Vancouver, Canada)
  • TU Delft African Perspectives Conference: “On Fair, Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanisation” (Panel, Delft, Netherlands)
  • SOAS African Development Forum: “Disrupting Africa” (Panel, London, United Kingdom)
  • University of Leuven Lecture Series: “Cities in Development: Colonial Pasts and Urban Futures” (Lecture, Leuven, Belgium)
  • African Architecture Matters: “The Future of the African City” (Lecture, Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Global Feminist LBQ Conference: “Self-erasure as a Tool of Survival” (Session, Cape Town, South Africa)
  •                                                                    2018
  • Oslo Urban Arena: “Reimagining a More Inclusive Lagos” (Keynote, Oslo, Norway)
  • Urban20 Mayors Conference: “Advancing the Role of Women in Urban Societies” (Townhall, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • U20 Summit: “Making Gender Equality Happen: How Cities Can Lead By Example” (Mainstage, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Ake Arts and Book Festival: “Fantastical Futures” (Panel, Abeokuta, Nigeria)
  •                                                                    2017
  • TEDGlobal: “Who Belongs in a City?” (Talk, Arusha, Tanzania)
  • TEDGlobal: “Finding the Courage to Stand Against Injustice” (Mainstage Interview, Arusha, Tanzania)
  • Kibera School for Girls: “The Future Is Yours” (Commencement Speech, Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Ake Arts and Book Festival: “Silence the Silence: How We Talk About Rape in Africa” (Panel, Abeokuta, Nigeria)
  •                                                                   2016
  • Black Feminist Forum: “Nonfiction Writing for Social Change” (Workshop, Bahia, Brazil)
  • TEDLagos Idea Search: “Outsiders in Their Own Home” (Mainstage Talk, Lagos, Nigeria)

Selected Videos

Who belongs in a city? | OluTimehin Kukoyi

Underneath every shiny new megacity, there’s often a story of communities displaced. In this moving, poetic talk, OluTimehin Kukoyi details how government land grabs are destroying the lives of thousands who live in the coastal communities of Lagos, Nigeria, to make way for a “new Dubai.” She compels us to hold our governments and ourselves accountable for keeping our cities safe for everyone. “The only cities worth building, indeed the only futures worth dreaming of, are those that include all of us, no matter who we are or how we make homes for ourselves,” she says.

The Power of Storytelling | OluTimehin Kukoyi’s Power Talk at Women Deliver 2019

OluTimehin Kukoyi takes to the main stage at Women Deliver 2019 to give a talk about her journey as a storyteller. In this talk, she describes the powerful experience that set her on the path of feminist writing. This inspiring talk is a call to action to everyone to use their power in the best way they possibly can.

Finding the courage to stand against injustice | OluTimehin Kukoyi speaking with Chris Anderson

This is an impromptu interview following OluTimehin Kukoyi’s profound and poetic talk at TEDGlobal 2017. The writer, editor and activist talks onstage with TED Curator Chris Anderson about where her courage comes from. She speaks of the challenges that the world confronts us with and how they motivate her to make it a better place to live in.

Black Feminisms Forum 2016

The Black Feminisms Forum was a space for Black and Afrodescendant feminists to come together. It held in Bahia, Brazil and brought together feminists from diverse sectors, regions and identities across Africa and the Diaspora. OluTimehin shared her perspective on the forum as a young Nigerian queer feminist.

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